Now online: PEJ's State of the News Media 2011

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The Canadian Journalism Project: J-news
Updates and links to news reports about events and developments affecting journalism, with a Canadian focus. More generally, the J-source website is subdivided into useful niches, such as the students’ lounge (see link below).

The Canadian Journalism Project: Students’ Lounge
Students’ Lounge is a student-edited portal for j-students in Canada. It includes news, advice, internship listings and links to student work. The site is edited by Alex Bosanac, a third-year journalism student at Ryerson University.

Newspaper Deathwatch
A website maintained by Paul Gillin, newspaper aficionado. His site is dedicated to chronicling the decline of the medium he loves. Gillin argues that the the economic foundation of newspapers is badly broken. “The high fixed cost of print publishing makes the major metro newspaper business model unsustainable in a world that increasingly wants information to be free.”

The State of the News Media 2011
The latest in a series of annual reports by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. The first part of this year’s report consists of data originally conducted by organizations and people independent of PEJ, which was collected and aggregated by the organization. The second part, particularly the content analysis, is original work conducted specifically for their report.

The State of the Media in Canada
The Canadian Media Research Consortium is in the process of completing a report on the State of the Media in Canada; however, they have already released a great deal of their findings for the years 2003 to 2008. They assert that the media landscape has been in tumultuous states before, notably after the introduction of radio and television, however the Internet is not just another medium. The CMRC calls it a “whole social revolution that threatens the very existence of traditional media”