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Journalistic Articles

Revamped Journalist’s Role More About Mindset Than Multimedia Tricks | Mediashift | July 2009

Alfred Hermida (my secondary supervisor) cautions journalists against thinking of new media as something that can be done “in addition to” traditional journalism. New media are transforming the very way journalism is done. Beyond picking up new tools, 21st century journalists should have a “multimedia mindset,” one that will reinvigorate veteran journalists and lead them beyond “fortress journalism.”

The Bias of Veteran Journalists| The Atlantic | April 2010

Lane Wallace is critical of the ways in which journalists tend to go after similar story angles instead of asking more comprehensive questions. He argues that many reporters’ questions are too narrow, and highlights some of the failings of “pack journalism.”

Is it time to close journalism schools? | J-source.ca. | April 2009

Stephen Ward tackles the question that forms the title of this article, and makes the case for professional schools of journalism in a new media age. He notes that the real issue has little to do with the mere fact that more people are able to self-publish. The issue is: “whether there is still a need for the education of critical, informed and ethically guided ‘publishers,’ better known as professional journalists.” He argues for the affirmative.

Not Dead Yet & The Strange Survival of Ink | The Economist | June 2010

Both articles note that newspapers have largely “cut their way out of crisis,” but slashing alone won’t do much for long term viability. Neither article winces at making profit-oriented suggestions (fire redundant staffers, rely on wire services, give the people tabloids if that’s what they want). In the first article, the author argues that newspapers need to focus on being distinctive enough to be worth paying for. Forget about services other venues do better (ex: craigslist versus classifieds) and bolster core competencies like local reporting. In the second article, the author suggests carving out niches instead of trying to be worldly. “In short, metropolitan newspapers are turning into city newspapers.”

Robert Scoble (“uber blogger”) on How to Build a Career in Media | PBS Media Shift | March 29, 2011

Scoble says that no matter what you end up doing — whether you start your own website or company or work to push innovation at an established organization — you’ll need to develop a deep understanding of what it means to be a new media entrepreneur. (Post includes video)

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