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News 2.0: The Future of News in an Age of Social Media

By: Ira Basen, CBC
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Where is the news business going, now that it’s everybody’s business? How will new relationships between media professionals and the public be forged now that the tools of mass dissemination are in the hands of ordinary people? CBC journalist Ira Basen believes that the “crisis in journalism” is not just economic but also existential. His two-part podcast on “News 2.0.” is a great entry point into the debate.


The 2010 Dalton Camp Lecture in Journalism

By: Stephanie Nolen, Globe and Mail
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Each year, St. Thomas University host the Dalton Camp Lecture in Journalism, which is delivered before the school’s aspiring student journalists. Globe and Mail foreign correspondent Stephanie Nolen gave the 8th annual lecture in September 2010. Nolen’s speech is an impassioned defense of foreign correspondence. A detailed explanation of the number of underreported or poorly reported stories around the world, especially when it comes to remote areas and vulnerable populations.


200 Moments that Changed Journalism

By: the Carnegie Corporation, sponsored by Poynter
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There’s nothing like a little hindsight to provide some context. Looking back on what he describes as the most significant decade in the history of the news media, Poynter Library director David Shedden has selected 200 developments from 2000 to 2009 as “moments that transformed journalism.” The result is a colour-coded interactive graphic that includes short audio segments.