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Three tips for landing a great internship in journalism

Advice from Alexandra Posadzki

Choose the camera that fits your hands. Make interesting mistakes.

Advice from Gerald Deo

Pitch it so they can’t ditch it

Advice from Madeleine White

Behind the scenes with TV personalities

Advice from Sachin Seth

When disaster hits home

Advice from Lily Boisson

Radio journalism for rookies

Advice from Adam Avrashi

A view from inside the PR industry

Advice from Karen Ho

The interview begins online. How do you introduce yourself?

Advice from Alejandra (Alex) Hering

Stand out. Go global!

Advice from Jasmeet Sidhu

Filter everything for yourself, including this advice

Advice from William Wolfe-Wylie

News is what people want to keep hidden. Everything else is publicity.

Advice from Calyn Shaw

To write interesting work, you have to be interested.

Advice from Leslie Young

You have to love it

Advice from Lauren Pelley

Come to grips with the worst case scenario

Advice from Arden Zwelling

When you think you’ve worked hard enough, work harder.

Advice from Lucas Timmons

J-school isn’t the only option

Advice from Tamara Baluja

Get inspired. Respect your audience. Think ahead.

Advice from Bethany Horne

Live an interesting life

Advice from Jessica Linzey

Don’t do it for fame or fortune

Advice from Liem Vu

Ten things you can do right away

Advice from Dylan C. Robertson

On student papers, digital footprints, and the art of networking

Advice from Sarah Millar

Focus on your own journey

Advice from Evan Duggan

Constantly update your skills, and never stop writing

Advice from Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Cross-platform ‘clippings’ are key!

Advice from Erin Millar

Take every opportunity (even those that aren’t paid!)

Advice from Devon Wong

Be relentless and build yourself a name and a niche

Advice from Amanda Ash

Pay close attention to your world

Advice from Chloé Fedio

Don’t wait until you’ve graduated

Advice from Jesse McLean

See if you enjoy writing for an audience

Advice from Beth Hong

Be part of the student press, and get on twitter

Advice from Stuart Thompson

Just do it

Advice from Rebecca Lindell

Get outside the classroom

Advice from Adrian Morrow

Learn by doing and learn to pitch

Advice from Kate Allen

Be flexible

Advice from Allison Cross