Hello, and thanks for visiting! My name is Fabiola Carletti, and I’m a graduate student at the UBC School of Journalism in Vancouver, Canada.  I’m also the teaching assistant for the school’s only undergraduate course (New Media 100). Alfred Hermida and Candis Callison are the course instructors.

My work as a TA inspired this website. You can read more about the project here and more about me below.

About Fabiola

Fabiola Carletti

I am a Salvadoran-born Toronto-raised twenty-something with a wide assortment of interests and concerns, including famous and fringe theatre, cartooning, solutions-focused journalism, literary non-fiction, and the quirks that define my generation.

I am all about trying new things and pushing limits, especially when it comes to borderline bad ideas. To this end, I’ve shaved my head, thrown myself a birthday party with strangers, and worked on a organic farm during a harsh Quebec winter.

This spring, I am graduating from UBC with a Master of Journalism. In May, I head for Toronto to work with the CBC news team for the summer. I am a grateful recipient of the Joan Donaldson CBC News Scholarship.

I spend an inordinate amount of time laying out my interests and experiences on my eclectic blog The Fab Files, as well as tweeting the silly and serious as  fiercefab. I’m fluent in Spanish and amusing in French. I’m also interested in learning Italian, if only to properly pronounce my own last name.

If you’re curious about the formalities, you’ll find them in the “About Fabiola” and “Resume” sections of my blog, where I straighten my tie and demonstrate that I’m serious about this thing called journalism.

The Fab Files

Now, to some extent, we young journalists have to get used to shamelessly plugging our own work, so I’d like to feature a few posts from my personal blog, The Fab Files, that may be of interest to aspiring journalists.