Advice from Lauren Pelley

My advice is simple. Just love what you do. Take on more complicated stories than you think you can handle, try new things you haven’t done before, explore all areas of media from video to social media to beyond — and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. Embrace every challenge thrown at you and learn how to be the best journalist you can be. And do it with integrity. But back to my first bit of advice — just loving the job. If you aren’t enjoying this field 110%, you’ll never be happy (since the pay is crap and it’s an uphill climb to get any decent jobs). So above all, find out if this is truly your passion… or just go into PR.

About Lauren

Lauren Pelley

  • Name: Lauren Pelley
  • J-school: Western
  • Current/Past employers: The Gazette, CHCH Television
  • Publications in which her work has appeared: See above
  • Platforms she works in: Print, web, broadcast
  • Website:
  • Twitter: @LaurenatGazette
  • Sample work: The Dundas Dilemma