Advice from Lucas Timmons

Love what you do. Work ridiculously hard. Keep learning.

Pick up every skill you can. Don’t use Twitter? Start. Don’t know HTML or CSS? Check out an online tutorial. Do you know how to use a DSLR camera in manual mode? Take a class. Do you know Flash, Python, Ruby, MySQL, Access or Excel? Geek out and learn. Always be learning.

Every skill, be it traditional or new media, is valuable. You won’t be able to master them all, but knowing even a little about them can put you well above your peers and offer opportunities you may have never considered.

In addition to those skills, work hard. Work incredibly hard. When you think you’ve worked hard enough, work harder. When you think you have reached your capacity for hard work, keep going. Hard work can make up for a lot. As an added bonus you’ll improve at whatever you are working at. That’s the amazing thing about hard work.

Finally, make sure you love journalism. Life is too short to do something you don’t love. You can make a lot more money in communications or PR if you don’t love journalism. You’d probably be happier too.

What can you do right now? Write for your school paper. Volunteer. Go to a conference. Start learning. Find a journalism hero and send them a letter, let them buy you a coffee and pick their brain. And always, always, always keep working hard.

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