Advice from Allison Cross

Be flexible. Most aspiring journalists have a vision of what their career will look like but because the industry is evolving so fast, that vision may have to change. Be open to exploring multiple formats, moving cities and taking on piecemeal work. Don’t be tied to getting a perfect, permanent 9-5 job, because it might not exist when you graduate. The best experiences I’ve had so far in my short career have been during short-term contracts or freelance opportunities.

About Allison

Allison Cross

  • Name: Allison Cross
  • J-school: UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism
  • Current Employer: Toronto Star
  • Past Employers: Postmedia News (formerly Canwest News Service), Journalists for Human Rights, Vancouver Sun, Nanaimo Daily News
  • Publications in which your work has appeared: Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, The Tyee, Nanaimo Daily News, PBS Frontline/World, Brave New Traveler,
  • Platforms: Print, online, video, blogging, photo
  • Twitter: @AllisonCross
  • Link to recent sample: Push on to solve NY arson case that killed 7 Canadians