Advice from Beth Hong

Much of mainstream media is still an Old White Boys’ Club, but that’s changing.

We’re in a world where the very definition of “whiteness” is changing. No one can be summed up as simply a “man”, “woman”, “white”, “Asian”, “black” or “brown.”

As an engaged, intelligent young person, you bring a rich, intercultural perspective to the newsroom. This is precisely what news organizations want, and so badly need right now.

So my advice to aspiring journalists: emphasize your unique perspective, and bring it to your work. Pitch an angle you don’t see covered all the time that you have access to, by being you.

I would also tell aspiring journalists to try it. There’s no course or book you can read that helps you figure out whether you enjoy writing for an audience (Facebook status updates/Twitter feeds don’t count). One of my biggest regrets during undergrad was writing more for the local student paper or publications.

About Beth

Beth Hong

  • Name: Beth Hong
  • J-school: UBC Graduate School of Journalism
  • Current/Past employers: Schema Magazine
  • Publications: Vancouver Observer, Schema Magazine,, the McGill Daily
  • Platforms: Online, print
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  • Twitter: @metrolens
  • Sample work:
    Ethnicity, immigration, and becoming Canadian in Vancouver’s high schools
    Downtown Eastside residents demand phones for safety
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