Advice from Amanda Ash

The advice I give anyone thinking about pursuing journalism is this: Building yourself up as a journalist is a bit like driving across Saskatchewan. It can be tedious and sometimes you’ll want to run yourself into a ditch to spare yourself the pain.

You have to be willing to write/work for anyone and everyone you can, often without pay, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. If you truly want to pursue journalism, be relentless. Pitch stories every day. Network with as many people as you can in the industry, because they’ll be the ones to give you invaluable opportunities.

You’ll start at the bottom (university newspapers are the best ground zero) but eventually you’ll build a name and niche for yourself. You’ll eventually work your way up to great and fulfilling opportunities!

About Amanda

Amanda Ash

  • Name: Amanda Ash
  • J-school: UBC Master of Journalism program
  • Current employers: Us Magazine, Vancouver Sun, Exclaim Magazine, The Block Magazine, sometimes CBC Radio 3.
  • Past employers: NBC Sports, CBC Radio 3, Victoria Times Colonist, Edmonton Journal, NIGHTLIFE Magazine, SEE Magazine, the Gateway.
  • Publications in which your work has appeared: All of the above!
  • Platforms you work in: Mostly print, but I like to add audio and video when I’m working with online stories.
  • Twitter: @AmandaAsh
  • Websites: and
  • Work Samples: I have so many favourites! Here are a few.
  1. Justin Bieber superfans are legion – and they’re here (Vancouver Sun) “This one was fun, mainly because it forced me to put aside my bias and view things from a fan’s perspective!”
  2. Touring get Joan’s jets roaring (Postmedia News)
  3. Hannah Goergas: Tipping Point (Exclaim!)