Advice from Chloé Fedio

I was actually a TA for first-year journalism students at Carleton last year. One of the things I tried to drill into them was the importance of consuming as much journalism as possible.

Don’t limit yourself to the Globe and Mail because that’s the paper you eventually want to work for. Listen to the Current (CBC), Dispatches (CBC) and This American Life (NPR). Watch the news (daily newscasts for CTV, Global and CBC are available online). Read magazines and newspapers alike. It will help you develop style and an area of interest.

It’s also important not to get tunnel vision and to focus solely on journalism. Take other courses that interest you in university — not just the easy credits that fit in around your journalism courses. Academic study will help you later as a journalist — when you’re interviewing an expert, when you’re trying to read through a legal document, when you’re trying to understand cultural tensions, the list goes on. I say this having done a B.A. before studying journalism. I was very involved in the campus press at this time and cannot emphasize enough how much that experience shaped my present as journalist.

About Chloé

Chloé Fedio

  • Name: Chloé Fedio
  • J-school: Carleton University, MJ class of 2010
  • Current/Past employers: Toronto Star, reporter, September 2010 to Present – Montreal Gazette, reporter, June to August 2010 – City Radio (in Kigali, Rwanda), interned as a current events radio host, July and August 2009 – CBC Newsworld (back when it was called that), Chase Producer, April and May 2009 – Global Edmonton, news assistant, May 2007 to August 2008 – The Gateway, editor, September 2005 to April 2007
  • Publications in which her work has appeared: Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal, Metro Edmonton, Vue Weekly (alt weekly in Edmonton)
  • Platforms she works in: have worked in TV and print mainly (at the Star, that often includes taking pictures). Also have experience in radio and did a multimedia master’s research project.
  • Twitter: @cfedio
  • Website:
  • Sample work: Police investigate alleged hate crime in gay village (Toronto Star)
  • Food for the future (major multimedia project for Carleton U)