Advice from Jesse McLean

Whatever stream of journalism you want to practice, dive in now. Don’t wait until you’ve graduated. After my third year at Ryerson, I messaged and cold-called daily newspapers across the country until I found one that would take me on as a summer reporter. Without that experience, I doubt I would have ever been hired at the Star.

About Jesse

Jesse McLean

  • J-school: Ryerson (undergrad)
  • Current/past-employer: Started with Ryerson’s student newspaper, then This Magazine (summer of second year at RyeHigh); the Sarnia Observer (summer of third year); the Ottawa Citizen (six weeks during fourth year); Toronto Star (started in the box in Aug. 08 and worked throughout my final year at school. I’ve worked my way up through the contract intern system ever since)
  • Publications: See above. I’ve never been terribly good at freelancing.
  • Platforms he works in: Words, mostly, though I’ve taken photos, video, tweeted live events, etc.
  • Twitter: @jesse_mclean
  • Sample work: Amputee wonders how he can rebuild his life